Worldlawn's USA Facility

From left: Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts, Worldlawn Inc President Hard Shao (holding scissors), Beatrice, Nebraska Mayor Stan Wirth and Worldlawn General Manager Dan Overfield participate in a ceremony at the company’s expanded production facility in Beatrice

Worldlawn Inc’s president Hardy Shao and Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts led a tour of the company’s building in Beatrice on June 23rd 2017. Worldlawn has operated in Beatrice since 2011 and was one of the companies highlighted by NGage Executive Director Walker Zulkoski during a trade mission to expand investment opportunities for Nebraska.

Who we are

Based in Beatrice, Nebraska, Worldlawn Power Equipment emphasizes quality machines at a great value. We are are always working to better these products through current model improvement and designing completely new machines using modern technology and components. Wolrdlawn Power Equipment manufactures outdoor power equipment that currently Includes professional, commercial lawnmowers (riding, standing, zero turn and walk-behind lawnmowers), residential mowers, and snow throwers. Worldlawn is about giving our engineering staff the directive to implement new and emerging technologies that develop innovative power equipment for the world wide market. It is through this innovation we can bring you a powerful product at a powerful price.

Here’s the familiar scenario

The owner of a 5-10 acre property buys a standard ride on mower (around $3500 – $4500) which goes OK for a while. After a couple of years the mower starts giving trouble and becomes unreliable and running up costly repair bills. The owner then shops around and buys a better one (around $5000 – $6500), and it turns out to be only a little or no better than the first one. The reason is that neither mower was ever going to be up to the job as the typically last only around 400 hours and he is mowing 150 hours a year. Proper commercial zero turn mowers last 2500 hours and do the job in less than half the time and they can mow 3 acres an hour, but they normally cost $14,000 – $18,000 and nobody every wants to spend that much on a mower.

But what if one is under $10,000? The Worldlawn Cobra opens up a whole new market!

It makes sense for a large property owner to use a Worldlawn mower. The quicker mowing time, lower operating costs and considerably longer service life makes the choice to own a Worldlawn. Freeing up precious weekend time, saving hard earned money and fewer trips to the servicing dealer is what every ride on mower owner wants.

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Worldlawn Head Quarters, in Beatrice, Nebraska, USA